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Source: American Staffing Association
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Job Seeker’s Resources 
The General Resources section of provides excellent information on writing great resumes and cover letters, answering tough interview questions, learning to network etc.

The Career Resources section of CareerBuilder and is another vast storehouse of information. Among other things you would also find information on Companies and Relocation.

For one of the best collection of IT books and resources go to O'REILLY.                                       
Salary Survey
Ever wondered what your skills, experience and the grind that you underwent all these years was worth? Ever wished that they were sites that provided details of what others with comparable skills and experience were earning? Well here you go.

The Computer Jobs site lists IT professionals' salaries and rates as they relate to their skills, position, experience, certifications, age, gender, education, regional location, and company size. To get down to the nitty-gritty, pick a topic from the menu on the right and get up-to-the-minute data from the IT career site.

The Computer Industry Salary Survey by Datamasters enables to enable employers and candidates to evaluate their own compensation situations.

The Monster site also provides a Salary Wizard, which enables employees and employers to expected salaries based on Title and Location
67% of staffing employees say choice of assignments was an important factor in their job decision.
23% of staffing employees have little or no interest in a permanent job—they prefer the alternative arrangement over traditional employment.
Cynetics' list of resources for assistance in planning and making a career move. If you don't see something you are looking for let us know.


The HomeFair  site provides many general resources to assist preparing and making the move, including   The Salary Calculator TM 

The Monster  site also provides great relocation tools including Mortgage Quotes, Move Planner, Free Address Changer, Truck Rental, Packing Supplies and Storage Facility locators

The following sites provide comprehensive information about a lot of immigration related issues. 

33% of staffing employees say they work for a staffing company because they like the diversity and challenge of different jobs.