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Source: American Staffing Association
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Carbon free staffing


Internal Reduction: These are a direct carbon reduction that are made at the source and occur through operational or behavioral changes.
We have implemented a paperless recruiting system, reducing paper waste by over 99%. Our office chairs are made of 42% recycled content, and contain no PVCs; at the end of its lifecycle, 95% of our chairs can be recycled. We utilized solar powered keyboards and Energy Star® qualified monitors with brightness levels reduced down to 30%.
External Reduction: these are outsourced carbon reductions, also known as carbon offsetting, which we choose because they immediately deliver efficient emission reductions.
A carbon offset represents a reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) somewhere else, like a renewable energy or reforestation project, to balance out the emissions you cannot reduce. By becoming carbon neutral today you are supporting clean technology and reduction projects that drive investment and innovation, and hasten our market transformation to a low carbon future. Also, carbon offsets are the only way to get your carbon footprint to zero today.

Source: The CarbonNeutral Company
40% of staffing employees say they choose temporary or contract work as a way to obtain employment experience or job training.
65% of staffing employees say they developed new or improved work skills through their assignments.
We continually strive to reduce our carbon footprint through sensible energy reductions combined with effective carbon offsets to eliminate our overall carbon footprint. Our mission is to deliver a greener future for everyone.
90% of staffing companies provide free training to their temporary and contract employees.